M’Lynn – Ready for Adoption!

Tropical flowers grow wild in rainforests. Orchids and lianas, banana trees and heliconia… when the environment is right, they flourish. But in Missouri, those things don’t naturally thrive. It doesn’t mean that Missouri isn’t a good place to grow things or that those plants are just not capable of growth.
Cats can be similar. My name is M’Lynn and I’m not really in my element here. I’m a very curious and brave girl. I get along perfectly with other cats and seem to like dogs.  But I was very, very shy when I came in seven months ago. I didn’t want to be around people at all. I’ve made SO much progress in that time! I now want to be right in the middle of everything and am often right at the front of my area where I can see all the visitors. I’m interested in toys and will take treats from your hand. But I’m still not really comfortable being touched.
In this environment, I can live. I can have my needs met and I can make progress. But, in order to really thrive and bloom, I need a different environment. Something a little quieter than the shelter. Where I can feel safer. Where I can have the space I need to grow. It will still take time! But just because a tree takes years to reach its full height doesn’t mean it’s not worth planting, right?
So help me find the right conditions. Help me grow. Celebrate each little green shoot of victory with me. And, before you know it, I will blossom in your care.