Matais- Ready for Adoption!

Well! Hello there! I’ve seen a lot of people around these parts, but… none of them quite like you. You’re incredible. My name is Matais, by the way. I’m about two years old and I need a new home.  Thing is, I’ve been looking for someone special. That’s why you caught my eye. Because I can’t go to just ANY home. See, I have a condition called Feline Leukemia (FeLV). It’s not as scary as it sounds- I’m a healthy boy who doesn’t need any extra care or medication and I could stay that way my whole life. My FeLV is in a regressive stage, which, in short, means my chances of complications are pretty low.
It does mean that I have to be an only cat or go home with other cats who are FeLV+. It’s not contagious to humans or dogs or any other species, so no worries there. And that’s a relief because I’m a social butterfly of a boy who loves everyone! Soaking up human attention is pretty much my favorite thing. I’m chatty (and have the cutest “Prrr-ow?”) and love being held. When I get excited, sometimes, I want to wrestle! But… you know… not TOO roughly. I’m just playing, after all.   Hey, I get it, though- you’re still nervous about this FeLeuk thing. I mean, what if it’s expensive? Well, good news- Open Door has you covered! My adoption fee is waived and vet care related to my FeLV status is available at the shelter at no cost. Sweet, right?  There’s a lot more information you might be interested in reading here: and  And that about covers it! I mean, how lucky could we both be? Me, to meet someone as amazing as you and you, to find someone just like me… it’s meant to be!