Lucy – Ready for Adoption!

My name is Lucy and the way I see it, you could think of me in one of two ways:  You could look at me and think “she looks like a Great Value version of a basset hound. Like what you’d get if you ordered a basset hound off Wish. Meh. I’d prefer name-brand.”  Or you could think, “Ooh, look at that! A one-of-a-kind bespoke version of a basset hound! A dog who has all the cuteness and sweetness of a popular breed, but still stands out from the crowd!

What a find! What a treasure!”  You could think, “She’s four? Who would want something that old? I mean, she’s prematurely graying! Nah, gotta be a puppy for me.” Or you could think, “Four years old! Old enough to have learned some manners. Old enough that I can have a good idea of what her personality’s REALLY like. Young enough to still have many happy, healthy, active years ahead! The perfect age!” You might look at my gentle temperament and think, “Yikes, she’s way too friendly. I want a mean dog who will defend me against burglars and scare off ruffians. A dog who could happily just spend all her time alone in the yard, not bothering me. Not this stage 5 clinger.” Or maybe, it’s “Oh my gosh, what a sweetheart! Yes, come and cuddle me, you darling angel! I love you almost as much as you love me. I will make sure there’s always room for you on my couch. Let’s spend every minute of every day together from here on out.” Most people I know think think that I’m fantastic. I’m sweet-natured and seem to be dog-friendly (although I’d like to meet any new dog siblings before going home with them). I’m sometimes a tiny bit shy in unfamiliar situations, but I warm up quickly and am soon burying my head in your arms and wagging my tail. So maybe not everyone is exactly my kind of person, but I think perhaps you are! Come and see if it’s a perfect match.