adoptable dog

Luca – Ready for Adoption!

Who says that an 80-lb dog can’t also be a little baby puppy? My name is Luca and I may look intimidating, but if you’re looking for a mean dog to impress your mean friends… you’ve come to the wrong place. ‘Cause me? I’m a Sugar Pie Sweetie Muffin with a big squishy marshmallow heart!  Okay, okay, that’s overstating it a little bit. Makes it sound like I’m one of those creepy big-eyed stuffed animals with no soul. I actually have loads of personality! I’m a goofball and an adventurer. I was found as a stray… probably because I can scale a fence in like 0.7 seconds! I did it to get into another yard to play with another dog and, when I got caught, I promptly lost my yard privileges. It’s possible that, with training and supervision, I could do fenced-in yard time someday… but it’s not a guarantee. So I need a home with someone who is willing to handle my daily bathroom and exercise needs with leash walks, if need be.  I haven’t gotten to have an official playdate with other dogs (although I really enjoyed my unauthorized one) and haven’t met cats, but all that can definitely be arranged if I have an interested applicant.  I can’t wait til we get the chance to really get to know each other! I can give you face kisses and you can give me ear rubs. We’ll be the best of friends.