Luca – Ready for Adoption!

Awesome [ aw-suhm ] adjective.
1. causing or inducing awe; inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence or admiration
as in, “Luca is awesome to behold.”
2. Slang. very impressive
as in, “Luca has an awesome personality.”
My name is Luca and “awesome” about sums me up! Like, you should probably get used to hearing, “Wow, that’s an awesome dog!” when you walk down the street. I’m a big dude- like, “give you hugs when you’re standing up” big. I’m lanky, so I’m only about 80 lb, but I look a lot bigger. And I’m, like, so black that Anish Kapoor wants an exclusive license to use the color of my fur in art.
I look intimidating, sure… but I’m a big baby! Goofy, snuggly, eager-to-please… I’m always happy to offer you my paw and I take treats SUPER gently. I’d like a home with no other animals, but with people, I’m a big ol’ sweetie.
I’m also smart and trainable. I’m housebroken, I sleep in the bed with my person (so I hope there’s room!), I’m good when left alone as long as I can see out the windows, and I’m an excellent passenger in the car.
Now, I am taller than your average dog. Which means if you leave delicious snacks on the counter, I can totally reach them. Can you blame me if I take a taste? So I need a home with someone who is conscientious about keeping food out of my reach and teaching me not to be a snack bandit.
So if you look up “Awesome” in the Oxford English Dictionary, expect to find a picture of me there!