Louise – Ready for Adoption!

Picture this: You. Me. Adventure.  My name is Louise and I can’t wait to become your companion. Imagine the fun we’ll have together!
Whether it’s jumping in a spaceship to explore distant galaxies or putting on a leash and going for a walk around the block, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the most wonderful and exciting thing that’s ever happened to me.  We could go to the dog park! Or we could go squirrel-chasing! Or go pick up the kids from school! I’ve lived with kids, a cat, and another dog and did well with all of them (I was kinda scared of the cat, actually).  My taste for adventure can get me into trouble sometimes. Like, if I see an opportunity to go explore, like a low fence or an open door, I’m gonna take it. The 6-foot fences in the shelter do a good job of keeping me confined and I can go out on a tie-out (just for regular supervised potty/play time, obviously), so it’s definitely possible to keep me safely at home, but you’ve gotta be smarter than me!  Even though I love trying new things, I love being at home, too. My previous family said I was housebroken and crate trained. I am an energetic girl and just a year old, so of COURSE I need exercise and enrichment and to be able to keep myself busy! I’d love an active home where I can have lots of opportunities to play.  The greatest adventure, of course, will be finding a family of my own! Meeting you, getting to know you, and knowing I’m safe in your home for the rest of my life will be the grandest thing I’ll ever do.