adoptable cat

Lotus – Ready for Adoption!

Welcome to Open Door Animal Sanctuary, where every rescue story is special and unique. My name is Lotus, and I have a tale to share that has transformed me from a fierce mama bear to a sweet and affectionate cat.

I may appear like any other beautiful cat, but my journey here was far from ordinary. When I had my precious babies, I became a mama bear, a mama tiger, ready to defend and protect them from any harm. The threats were all around us, and the responsibility weighed heavy on my heart.

Upon arriving at the shelter, I knew I had to keep my guard up. While everyone was kind, a new mother must be cautious. Gradually, I began to feel the genuine care and safety that surrounded me, and I dared to believe that this place could be my sanctuary too.  Now, my cubs have grown up and found loving homes of their own. It’s time for me to find love and a forever family. I may have taken some time to open up, but I’ve finally reached a point where I can be a wonderful companion to someone special.

As a three-year-old cat, I have the perfect blend of maturity and youthful spirit. I’m a sweet and affectionate girl, eager to cuddle up and bask in your attention. Butt scratches are my favorite, and I love snuggling up by your side. I get along well with other cats and haven’t had the chance to meet dogs yet.  I must admit, I still have some of my feline independence. I’ll do things on my own terms, taking my time to trust and feel comfortable. Quick movements might startle me, and I’m not quite ready to be picked up. But with patience and understanding, I believe I’ll continue to grow and learn in a loving home.

I dream of finding a relatively quiet home with a patient and kind person. Someone who will grant me the time and grace I need to adapt to a new life. I need someone who will stand by my side, just as I was devoted to protecting my own babies, and show me how wonderful having a family and a home can be.  So, if you’re looking for a loyal companion who will give you unconditional love in return, consider bringing me into your life. Together, we can embark on a journey of trust, comfort, and happiness. Let’s make a beautiful new chapter filled with love and understanding.