Li’Luna – Ready for Adoption!

They call me Li’l Luna and I’ve got enthusiasm COMING OUT MY EARS! Which, given the size and volume of these ears, is really saying something.
I love the sky. I love the leaves falling all around me. I LOVE other dogs and I LOOOOVEEEEE people. At seven months old, I’m still just a kid. I haven’t reached the “play it cool” stage of my life yet, you know? If I like something, I’m gonna let you know. And I like everything. The cracks in the sidewalk are amazing. Is that a worm? Incredible.  I would love to have a family- maybe with kids!- to hang out with. I want someone to play with!
I also need a lot of the boring stuff. I’m smart and energetic and young, so I’ll need someone to keep up with my training to help me be a good citizen! I’ve got a happy, bubbly, big-hearted spirit, so I’ve got an excellent foundation for Being a Good Dog. Add in a little education, exercise, and consistency and I’ll be amazing!  So what do you say? Do you or your dogs or your kids need a playmate? I’m all about it.