Lady – Ready for Adoption!

A Lady must be dignified. A Lady must be graceful. A Lady must have magnificent ears and a waggy tail.
My name is Lady and I’m all that and more!
A lady can be affectionate, athletic, and intelligent! She can love going for walks and be an excellent leash walker.
A lady can be a quick learner who enjoys showing off her tricks and would welcome the opportunity to learn more.
A lady can be comfortable with setting boundaries. I, for example, need a home where I can be the only pet. No other dogs or cats for me, thanks.
A lady can be adventurous! In my previous home, I would sometimes climb over the fence and go exploring. I stay in my yard if I’m on a runner and, like I said, I’m great on leash walks, so I’ve got plenty of options for safe potty & exercise.
A lady can be a lady at any age. I’m three and a half years old- neither a debutante nor a dowager, but something in between.
Most of all, a lady is fiercely loyal to her family. I’m not all dignity and stiff upper lip- at heart, I’m a soft, cuddly baby girl who just needs to love and be loved.