Kong – Ready for Adoption!

Are you sick and tired of the dreary, frozen, soggy hellscape that the world has been over the past couple weeks? Do you feel wrung out and desperate for a little spark of joy?  But… why stop there? Why not go for a BIG LIGHTNING BOLT of joy? My name is Kong and I’m not the kind of dog who does subtlety. I’m a tsunami of friendliness. An avalanche of enthusiasm. I will shower you with kisses and you’ll feel a flood of serotonin.  I’m never alone in a crowd. I’m already best friends with every single person in the room, whether they know it yet or not. That goes for humans AND other dogs! I haven’t met cats yet, so I don’t know what I think of them.  You’d never know it by my happy demeanor, but I haven’t had the best life so far. I’m only one year old, but I’ve already been through starvation, heartworm treatment, and fly bites so bad that the backs of my ears may always be bald. But things are already looking up for me: I’m heartworm-free, a healthy weight, and ready to find a home and family of my own!  So leave that chilly nastiness outside because, with me, you’ve got your own personal sunshiny day!