Hodge – Ready for Adoption!

My name? I’m pretty sure it’s, “Good Boy, Hodge!” … at least, that’s what people usually call me! Sometimes, I get nicknames like “Aw Hodge You’re So Sweet” or “What A Handsome Gentleman You Are, Hodge”.  Sometimes, when I meet new people, they call me “It’s Okay, Hodge.” I’m a little shy around strangers at first, but I warm up quickly and want to be friends. Sometimes, it’s “Let’s Go Outside, Hodge!” My previous owner reports that I’m housebroken, so although any dog may have an adjustment period, I’ve got a good foundation.  It might even be “You’re My Best Friend, Hodge.” I came from a home with another dog and kids and got along well with them. I can come on a little too strongly at first with other dogs when we first meet, but once we work it out, we can be buddies. I haven’t met cats, but it could be arranged if I had a serious applicant who had cats.  Look, really, I don’t care WHAT you call me… as long as you call me yours!