Hawk – Ready for Adoption!

If I were a sea creature, I think I’d be an otter- darting through the waves, diving and playing, happy and carefree.
If I were a bird? Well, obviously I’d be a HAWK! Because that’s my name. I’m Hawk, I’m a year old, and I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.
Now, if I were a city, I think I’d be Tokyo- buzzing with energy and interest. Always ready to try something new. Full of people. I LOVE people.
If I were a plant, I’d be one of those trees that you can twist and train into cool shapes and sculptures. I hear that takes a lot of patience. But it’s totally worth it when you see the results! I also need some patience and training, but have the potential to be something really special.
If I were a hobby? Probably DnD or game nights with friends. I’m a social guy who gets along well with other dogs, but… let’s be honest. These kinds of things are more fun without little kids running around. I’d prefer any kids I might live with to be school age or older.
If I were an element, you’d probably guess I’d be carbon because of my coal-black coat, but nope- it’s Au, baby! I’ve got a heart of pure gold! I’m a real treasure- the sweetest thing ever.   And if I were a dog, well… I think I’d like to be your dog. It would be my dream. Maybe you’ve always wanted a black lab (or lab mix). Maybe you never thought about it until just now… when you saw my big brown eyes. It doesn’t matter to me. I’ve been thinking about you since I was born- my family.