Harley – Ready for Adoption!

What luck! Can you believe that, on all the days in all the places and on the whole internet, you and I are both here, now, both looking for someone to love? It’s destiny. It’s kismet. You and I are made for each other.  My name is Harley (girl Harley, in case it matters) and I’m your dog. I just need you to come make it official.  I’m nine years old, which is just about perfect. I’m housebroken, have awesome house manners, and am outgoing and affectionate. In other words, I’m just the dog you’ve been waiting for.  I’m old enough to be chill, but still healthy and ready for anything. In fact, if you’ve got a low fence, I may just hop over it and go check things out, so I would need leash walks, a fence over 4 feet tall, or supervision when I’m outside.  Maybe you’re not the only one I would have to match with. If there are other dogs in the picture, that’s okay- I don’t seem to be reactive to other dogs. I’ve love to meet yours to see if we’re a good match! Cats? I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them yet.  The only thing is, tiny little kids kind of freak me out. They’re noisy and unpredictable and, on the whole… it’s a “no thank you” on the little kids.  Couches, walks, hanging out with my favorite humans (which, naturally, will be you), giving handshakes in exchange for cookies, and living an awesome life together… I can see it all.  The stars have aligned, my friend. This is the right place and now is the right time. How can we deny something so right?