Halibut – Ready for Adoption!

It doesn’t get any betta than me! My name is Halibut and I’m a fintastic kitten. At four months old, I may be a small fry, but I’m still a sofishticated fellow.
Let minnow if there’s anything you’d like me to tell you about myshellf. I’m a total cuddlefish! I love to curl up in someone’s lap and purr myself to sleep.
Why be koi about it? You can clearly sea I’m krilliant! I love to play… with everyone! I love to wrass-le and play chase with the other cats and I get along well with dogs.  Are you fintrigued? Have I caught your interest? Then I would welcome the oppor-tuna-ty to make this offishal!
Why? Just for the HALIBUT!