Gunter – Available for Adoption!

My name is Gunter and I’m here to bring you 🌞SUNSHINE🌞 and ✨HAPPINESS✨!
Here’s how I greet people: the first two or three seconds, I go ❓🤨❓and then I go 😄🥰😍
Hey, d’ya think you could pick me up and hold me on your hip like a toddler? I would FREAKING LOVE THAT. I’d be at just the right level for face kisses! I’m like 40 lb, so yeah, I guess most people think I’m probably too big to carry around, but a guy can dream. At about a year old, I’m still practically a baby! And, no matter how old I am, I’m definitely ready to be YOUR baby. I’ll climb up into your lap and snuggle you every chance I get. I haven’t met cats yet, but my play style with other dogs is friendly and respectful and I would likely be a good match for a wide variety of other dogs!
I’m just wiggly, goofy, adorable super-duper-sweet… like a puppy made of watermelon jell-o! I can’t wait to go home with you and see what kinds of wonderful adventures we might have together.