Guiness – Ready for Adoption!

You know what I’ve had just about ENOUGH of? You AND the horse you rode in on!
… Haha, just kidding. I know I’ve got a real grumpy face, but don’t let it fool ya! My name is Guiness. I’m happy to meetcha. I’m a real cuddly, sweet, easygoing kinda guy. Super duper affectionate. Come and sit with me for a bit, won’t you? I’m never happier than when I have company. I’ll roll around, diving and headbutting and purring and purring like I’ve never in my life been so blissed out in my life.
I’m about eight years old and still sorta recovering from life as a stray. My fur is not yet at its maximum luxuriosity, but it’s getting there. That’s part of what living in a home will do for me, right?
I’m good with everyone I’ve met so far, which is cats and humans for sure. I haven’t met dogs since arriving at the shelter, so I don’t know what my opinion is on them.
What I’m sure of is my opinion of you. And it’s pretty high. Let’s move in together so we can both scowl out the windows at strangers, then invite them in for cake. I live to be confusing.