Greg – Ready for Adoption!

My name is Greg! And you may think, with this majestic face, these dahlia-petal ears, these gorgeous almond eyes… that I ought to be named something really fancy, like Thaddeus Percival Willoughby, Esquire.  But that’s not me at all! In fact, I’m about 25% class clown, 25% just one of the guys, and 50% the babiest baby who ever babied. If I were to have a name other than “Greg,” it should probably be “Schnugglebuggins” or “Bootsie Bear” or something else stupidly adorable.  Oh, by the way- when I say I’m a baby, I mean that figuratively. I’m eight years old. Old enough to be up in the “old cats” area, but tbh… it’s like being 42 years old and living in some kind of senior apartments. I mean, yeah, I’m past my wild youth, but I don’t really fit in with these geezers.
There’s another reason I don’t really fit in here: this place is, like, INFESTED with cats. I’m really more of a people cat than a cat cat. Dogs are fine, too, but I ADORE people. I love being held and rocked and being in someone’s lap, playing with people, hanging out and helping them with whatever they’re doing. I’m the KING of headbutts- I give them generously and enthusiastically. And if you have a treat (or some of your own food) to offer me? Shoot, I’ll practically do somersaults if you want me to.  Sorry, I’m a talker- I’ll meow your ear off if you let me! I may be a petite cat, but I’m overflowing with personality. I guess all I really need to say is, I think we can change each other’s lives for the better!