adoptable dog

Ginger – Ready for Adoption!

My name is Ginger and yeah, I’ve heard the stereotype that chihuahua mixes bite. And I’ll have you know, I don’t!
Instead, I judge. Sleeping in, huh? Does that mean we’re skipping my morning walk? Are you really gonna eat that whole thing and not share even one morsel with the dog?  Just kidding. Judge Ginger does have a nice ring and I do 100% look like I’m about to ask to speak to a manager, but I’m actually a sweetheart!  At six years old, I’ve still got a youthful spirit- I like squeaky toys and, if I see a chance and an open door, I’m liable to squeeze through and go on an adventure! I love playing with children- in fact, I tend to connect with them faster than I do with adults. But, although I can come off as a little standoffish when first meeting people, it’s not long before I decide we’re best friends.
I’ve met other dogs and cats and do just fine with both! I walk nicely on a leash and have pretty good manners. Overall, I’m an awesome little dog. I should, of course, go home with someone who is capable of watching me around doors and catching up to me if I do get out, but I’m otherwise pretty flexible!  So what do you say? Come and get me and we can sit on park benches and judge passers-by together. Trust me – it’s good fun.