Fred – Ready for Adoption!

You know what they say about me? “That’s Fred! and ‘Fred’ is short for… a dog!”  It’s true. I look like someone tried to make a lab mix, but ran out of material before they finished the legs. The overall effect, I’ve been told, is freakin’ adorable.  Now, the thing about being this cute is that EVERYONE wants to run up to you and say hi! And that is completely fine with me. I’ve never, in all my seven-and-a-half years of life, met a person I didn’t instantly love.
Basically, I’m a sweetie. Pretty mellow. Well-behaved. If you have other dogs, I’d love to meet them and see if we can be friends! I haven’t had an official cat test yet (I would have one before going home with a cat), but the brief encounters I’ve had with them have been promising.
I’d be a great dog for LOTS of different kinds of homes… probably including yours!