Finral – Ready for Adoption!

You might think you’re looking for a different cat. Maybe you had something else in mind. Maybe you’ve even seen my picture and thought, “Finral? He’s not my style.” Well, see, I’m here to change your mind. I’m not going to wait around for you to notice me- I’ll climb right in your lap, whether I’m invited or not. I’ll headbutt you in the face. I’ll strut right up, front and center, and purr until you can’t help but fall in love.
I mean, I’m perfect. Friendly with everyone. Super sweet. Tall & handsome. Only a year old. Chatty, outgoing… just the guy you’ve always wanted.
So forget about all those other cats. I mean, I guess you don’t have to. I get along great with other cats, so you can adopt as many of us as you want and I’d be fine with it. But don’t pass me by. I’m a gem!