Elias – Ready for Adoption

Have you ever had a buddy who is super awkward around people they don’t know, but is a total hambone once they get to know you? Or maybe you ARE that friend.  My name is Elias and I am totally that friend.  I’m that guy who, when someone says to my pals “he’s a little shy, isn’t he?” they laugh out loud and say “if you only knew!”  I’m the kind of dude who will have you going into work every day with stories and photos- “look at the cute thing Elias did today!”  Are you a fan of cuddle puddles? Because I am. I love other cats. I’ll pile into a linen cabinet with them and have secret meetings. You’re not invited, human. This is cat business. Our next meeting is about dogs: I haven’t met them, but think I could probably get used to having one as a sibling.  What about snuggle sessions? I get super into those. I’ll roll around all over the place, purring and headbutting and begging for butt scratches and belly rubs. It’s 100% ridiculous and 100% adorable and I get the impression that the humans enjoy it as much as I do.  I’m a total goofball and so much fun! I hate to think that anyone might miss out on getting to be my friend just because they haven’t got the patience to give me time to warm up to them. But that’s okay- it just means that I know that the person who does choose me is gonna be truly awesome.