Diesel – Ready for Adoption!

Do you have an empty spot next to you on the couch? An unoccupied dog bed? Do you go to bed at night and dream of having a chubby little floof with preposterous ears to wake up to? Well, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Diesel. The preposterous floof of your dreams.  Okay, so first, I wasn’t always this chunky. I was positively svelte when I got adopted, but was recently returned with… uh… a whole lot more of me to love. Turns out, I’m not always a fan of visitors and should probably be crated or set up in a quiet room when guests are over.  I’m about five years old and am a total lap dog. I get along well with other dogs and haven’t had the chance to meet cats. I take some time to warm up to new people, but once I realize they’re “my” person, I become completely enamored with them.  Really, if you’re a little dog person, I’m probably your kind of guy: a bit of attitude, a whole lot of cute, and a little tongue that goes 👅at random. What more could you want?