Diamond – Ready for Adoption!

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Well, quit dreaming, you fool! Let’s make it happen!  My name is Diamond and if I look like a bit of a tough customer, well… that’s because I am.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m an awesome cat. For one thing, I’m tremendous. 11 years old and 18 lb of snow-white fluff. Truly impressive to behold! But, the thing is, I’m not really a very shelter-compatible cat. I lived with another cat in my previous home and got along well with them, but living with one cat in a quiet home is just not the same as living with 56 of them in a noisy shelter. It’s like the difference between eating dinner at home with your spouse and eating at Red Robin on a Saturday evening with a kids’ birthday party at the next table. If the second one sounds like kind of a nightmare to you, we may be on the same wavelength.  So at the shelter, I just stay in my cage. And when someone comes to see me, I guess I give mixed signals. I purr and come up for attention and give a cheek rub… and then bite. This has, so far, not proven to be a very effective way to make friends. I can’t imagine why.  The thing is, I really think a lot of that persnickety behavior is mostly due to my current environment. It’s not who I really am, deep down. So… I’m looking for one of two options.  Number one, a “vacation” foster home. A month or so away from the shelter. A chance to decompress and gather more solid information about what I’m REALLY like in a home. This would, of course, include the option to make it permanent if I turned out to be a great fit… and also, all my expenses would be covered by the shelter during that time.  Number two, a straight-out adoption. I’m available to be adopted by anyone of any age, but I’m eligible for the Seniors-4-Seniors program: if someone over 65 adopts me, my adoption fee would be $1 and routine vet care would be covered for the rest of my life.  So if you’re hoping to find Diamonds under the tree this Christmas, don’t wait for someone else to get them for you. Make it happen.