Dash, Umi, Maxie – Ready for Adoption!

Come and knock on our door, we’ve been waiting for you…Meet Dash, Umi, and Maxie! These three little fellas have been in their foster home for a while, learning all about what it’s like to be loved! They’re five months old and ready to move on to permanent homes of their own. They’re affectionate, cuddly, playful, adorable… everything you’d want in a kitten! Foster mom says they’re “sweet and perfect” 🥰 They would do best if at least two could stay together (Umi, in particular, is very attached to his siblings.). Or- heck why not?!- maybe someone would like all three! Their foster mom has offered to cover the adoption fee for one of the crew in order to make it easier for them to stay together. These are some seriously wonderful kittens. They’ve grown up with a dog, other cats, teenage kids… even a guinea pig! So they can handle a lot. So if you want a fantastic pair or trio, check these little guys out! Since they are in foster, they’re available to show by appointment only. To meet them, please start by going to odas.org/feline and filling out an application!
They are: Umi (all gray), Maxie (fully pink nose) and Dash (gray spot on nose), five months old, and they’re neutered, up to date on shots, and fully vetted.