Daniella – Ready for Adoption!

You may be looking at this grumpy little mug of mine and thinking, “Daniella looks like she’s had just about enough of your sh… shenanigans” or, “Why is Daniella looking at me like that? Did I forget to wear pants today?” or maybe, “Aww, what can I do to make that grumpy little cat feel better?”
The truth is… I’m actually a sweet, happy girl! This is just the way my face looks. I would never judge your fashion choices. I have plenty of tolerance for shenanigans. I love having my cheeks rubbed and will lean in and give headbutts to show my appreciation.
I’ve got a LOUD meow and will use it to get your attention when I need something. In fact, the people here think it’s possible that I may be deaf or hard of hearing. Or… it may just be that I’m a cat and, famously, we’re not great listeners.  I’m about five years old and, in general, I’m pretty easygoing. I would, however, be most comfortable as an only pet. All the love and attention to myself? Ideal. So maybe I look like there’s a simmering rage deep in my soul, but I promise, there’s not! The one thing that would truly make me happy, though, would be if you were to come here and take me home. Be my family. Then I would really smile! … on the inside, anyway.