Crawdad – Ready for Adoption!

Are you the one who can change my life? Are you my miracle worker?
My name is Crawdad, I’m two years old, and I’ve spent over half my life in the shelter. A year and four months. 511 days.
You may be wondering how that’s possible. A handsome boy like me should have people lined up around the block! I’ll tell you. I came to the shelter, along with 15 other cats, from a hoarding situation. Some of us weren’t used to being around strangers and didn’t know much about being really loved, so it’s been hard for us in the shelter. I’m a shy guy.
And that’s the reason I haven’t found anyone yet who wants me. Just that. I’m a sweet boy who gets along with other cats and, while I haven’t had much contact with dogs, think I could probably get used to them.
Here’s something else you need to know: I’ve had other siblings who were even shier than I am and, once they found someone to believe in them and give them a chance, they blossomed more than anyone ever expected! I just hope I can find someone who will do the same for me. Once I get the chance to see what it’s like to be really cherished, I think I’ll be a total lovebug.
All I need is someone like you: my miracle worker, right? My hero. Someone who can understand how hard it must be to go from a hoarding situation to a shelter and how amazing it will be to get to experience being safe and relaxed in a real home.