Cooper – Ready for Adoption!

We have to have a serious talk. The thing is, having a human of your own is a BIG responsibility! My name is Cooper and I know a lot about that.
At six years old, I consider myself mature and experienced enough to give you a little advice. Like, when you and your human are together, you’ve gotta cuddle with them. Share the couch. Pick up a toy and nuzzle them when they’re sad. Remember, you’re the best friend your human has. It’s your job to remind them to play.  Your human will probably call you a “good boy,” so do your best to live up to it. Potty outside, not in the house. Take your human for a walk: they need exercise! Humans work hard, so when they leave you home alone for the day, just chill out and take a nap. Don’t mess with their stuff or anything. They don’t need that. I know all that stuff takes some time to learn, but it’s worth it if it means you’ve got a happy human.
Now, we all have things we don’t know a lot about. And for me, it’s other dogs and cats. I grew up as a one-and-only, so I just don’t have a lot of experience with them. In the shelter, I seem interested in being friends with other dogs, but would want to meet any potential dog siblings before I share custody of a human with them. Pretty much the same with cats: if I had an applicant with cats in their home, I could do a cat test before going home with them.
So with all these skills and qualifications, would you believe that I don’t actually have a human of my own to look after right now? I hope to find one soon, though. I know I’ll be the best dog a human could want.