Constance – Ready for Adoption!

Months I have been alive: 7.
Months I have been in the shelter: 6.
My name is Constance and I think it’s high time the winds of good fortune blew my way! I’m adorable, I love to cuddle with other cats, I love to play, I’m friendly with humans… basically, I’m an awesome cat.
I’m still a little bit tentative around strangers. See, a shelter is an overwhelming place to live and I have to meet LOTS of different people. So it makes me feel safer if I can take some time to get to know somebody before I let them put their hands all over me. But once I get to know you, I love attention!
I can’t wait to get into a home and REALLY see how my personality will blossom! See, imagine being in Walmart on Christmas Eve. Now imagine you LIVE there. Every day is Walmart on Christmas Eve. You never get to catch your breath or be alone or just chill out with your loved ones. You just kind of keep your head down and try to get through it. And that’s basically where I am right now: living in a state of eternal Walmart.
And I need your help to break free.  So if your cat needs a cuddle buddy or a playmate, if you want an adorable, entertaining kitty, or if you just want to help a sister out… come and meet me!