Cloud – Ready for Adoption!

Have you ever wondered what life would have been like if you’d been taught certain things as a little kid? Maybe you would have been the world’s greatest cellist. Or been able to speak six languages! Or been an Olympic figure skater.  My name is Cloud and the thing I wonder most about is… what would life have been like for me if I had been adopted as a little baby and grown up in a home? What would this last ten months have been like?
As it is right now, I’m fun and inquisitive. I’m VERY affectionate when I choose to be, but will not always perform reliably for strangers. I really, really love to play- especially with the Cat Catcher toy! And I love cookies. I get along well with other cats and haven’t met dogs, so I don’t know yet what I think of them. But I’m still a little shy, overall. I don’t always want to come looking for attention when the humans decide they want to give me attention. I’m not necessarily comfortable being picked up, especially by strangers.  But the thing is, when it comes to dreams… you can still learn it. And so can I. I CAN become the cuddly little lap muffin of your dreams. It will just take a little more time and a little more work. But that’s no reason to give up on me, right? If you might be my person, a little work and patience is worth it. And I’m only just barely a year old, so my life is far from over. I’ve got YEARS and YEARS to make up for lost time!  So don’t give up. You can still learn to play the harp. You can become fluent in Portugese. And you and I can become a family. What’s stopping you? Let’s make it happen!