adoptable dog

Chelsea – Ready for Adoption!

My name is Chelsea and I don’t do things in pastels. I’m not about that desaturated life. Nothing about me is beige. I’ve lived for 431 days in a gray concrete kennel and… it’s not for me!  When I do things, I do them all the way. Loving my person? 100%. My whole entire heart gets thrown into it. When you’re my friend, I don’t sorta like you. I ADORE you with every fiber of my being.  I’ll do basically anything in the world to make my person happy. I know people might think that a five-year-old dog might not be able to learn tricks but I totally can and do. I’m housebroken, walk well on a leash and will protect you with my life. That means that getting to be my friend is special and reserved for special people. Are you the kind of person who won’t give a dog a chance and just makes an immediate judgment based on the first second of interaction? The kind of person who doesn’t think dogs should be allowed to have their own opinions, motivations and personalities? Then we’re probably not going to be buddies.
I’ve got a big bark and it can be kind of intimidating at first. Some strangers scare me, especially if they’re wearing sunglasses or other weird stuff. Mostly, I just want to feel safe and I know that bark will protect me if I don’t. So I need my best friend to be a confident person whom I can trust to reassure me and let me know that everything’s going to be okay.  In spite of the world sometimes being a scary place, I’m a happy girl! I love toys (I need tough ones) and food. I can BOUNCE like a kangaroo! I’m good for baths and I’m unbelievably snuggly.  I’d like a home where I can be an only pet and, since that narrows my options so much (that’s why I’ve been here over a year!), my adoption fee is covered by Winter Clean Mobile Detailing LLC … so I’m a no-fee adoption!
I’m ready for a bold life. A bright life. A rich and colorful life. With you by my side, the world can’t help but be more vibrant.