adoptable dog

Buddy – Ready for Adoption!

My name is Buddy and I’m a long short dog. Is that contradictory? Maybe, but I’m also an awfully good boy. I wouldn’t mind being alone together if we could share some jumbo shrimp.  In my unbiased opinion, I deserve the most stupidly brilliant home a dog could have. I’m about five years young- a big little guy (about 30 lb) who loves literally (figuratively) everyone.  I get along with other dogs. I get along with cats. I’d be great in a small crowd or as a one-man band. I mean, good grief! You can’t go wrong with a dog like me.  I’m friendly, I’m polite, and I’m a serious ham.  This shelter is old news- there’s a definite possibility that I’d be a happy, happy boy at your place! So your only choice is this: come and get me.