adoptable dog

Boh – Ready for Adoption

Introducing Boh, the dog with aspirations as vast as his heart. While some may envision his name in giant letters, Boh’s true yearning is to see it in little letters – handwritten at the bottom of an adoption contract, excitedly shared in text messages with friends and family: “Look who just joined our family!” Or perhaps etched on a tag gracing his collar, complete with his human’s phone number on the back. Can you imagine? His very own human, who loves him enough not to want to lose him.

Boh’s been diligently preparing for this moment over four years, transforming into the perfect companion. He’s house-trained, harmonious with other dogs (although he kindly requests a no-cats household), and an expert when it comes to leashed walks and car rides. Trustworthy when left home alone, Boh will even share your bed when you both call it a day. His repertoire includes sitting, staying, lying down, shaking, and coming when called – with an impressive, almost perfect, rollover trick. Playtime is his favorite, and his gentle, friendly nature makes him a people-dog, through and through. In short, Boh is ready to become YOUR DOG!

Boh already knows he’s committed to taking care of you for the rest of his life. He’s faced the heartbreak of being returned twice, due to human issues, but this time, he’s yearning for forever. Whether you choose to keep his name as “Boh” or give him a brand new one (trust his intelligence to adapt), he’s eager to hear you call it. Rest assured, he’ll come running every time, ready to fill your life with love, joy, and unwavering loyalty. Will you make his dreams come true? When you adopt Boh this month, you’re not only gaining an exceptional companion, but you’re also giving back to a great cause. Subaru will generously donate $100 for each dog or cat adopted as part of their Subaru Loves Pets program – an added bonus to brighten both your life and Boh’s. Adopt Boh today and together, let’s make his dreams a reality while contributing to a wonderful cause.