Blue – Ready for Adoption!

Is this bad photoshop? Are you looking at my picture and thinking “come on, no dog has a head THAT big  and she got the eyes all wrong. I’ve never seen a dog so cross-eyed.” Believe it, human. My name is Blue and this is the real me. What can I say? I’m unique!  I’m about six and a half years old and, when you first meet me, you’ll think it’s pretty obvious that I’ve got nothin’ going on upstairs. Tumbleweeds between the ears.  But that’s not entirely the case. I’m just getting to know you and feeling you out. Once we’re good friends, I’ll show you the tricks I know! I’m good in the car, good in a crate, and my previous family said I was housebroken.  I’m 81 lb of mostly noggin and muscle. I’ve lived with other dogs and gotten along well with them in my previous home and have not met cats. Here in the shelter, I like to act big and tough when I see other dogs through fences, so I need someone strong and confident enough to keep me focused around distractions.  So if you’re a big fan of goofy-looking dudes, pick me! I’m waiting for you.