Blinky – Ready for Adoption!

I’m pretty. I’m sweet. I’m declawed. I’m only four years old. I get along well with other cats. You would think my name- Blinky- would be short for “Blink-and-you-missed-her” because I would be such a quick adoption!  But the world must be working in your favor because, believe it or not, I’m still here waiting for you. It’s got to be fate!  The thing is, I don’t do all that great in the shelter. And that would be something you’d really have to take into consideration… if you lived in an animal shelter. I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and assume that you don’t. So when you meet me, of course, you’ll find that I’m pretty withdrawn. Can you blame me? The shelter is overwhelming!  And that’s why I’ve been waiting for someone like you: someone willing to take a leap of faith. Someone who trusts that the cat who looks at you suspiciously in the shelter may, like absolutely gazillions of cats before her, soon be the same cat who follows you around the house begging for cheese. And I’m so glad to have found you!  So if you want a magnificent cat, a young cat, a sweet cat, a declawed cat… come check me out!