Bentley – Ready for Adoption!

All I need in my life is the daily newspaper, my recliner, and my coffee* in the same old chipped and faded Boatmen’s Bank mug I’ve used since 1992.
My name is Bentley and I’m ten years old. Back in my day, if you were a dog, you could DEPEND on having a home!
I’m an old fart now and I don’t think I belong in a shelter. I’m housebroken. I’m a healthy guy. I haven’t had an official meetup with other dogs since I’ve been here, but I don’t seem to mind them much when I see them on the road or in the kennels. It’s never too late to get a new brother, but I would want to meet them before deciding if we’re good together.  In terms of personality, I’m a fine fellow. I may not be too touchy-feely at first, but I still like ya. I’m the kind of guy who might not come out and say “I love you,” but will always ask if you’ve had your oil changed or offer to mow your grass for ya.
So if you’ve got room for a gray-faced guy like me, come check me out!