adoptable dog

Bella – Ready for Adoption!

Do you believe in standing up for the little guy? The underdog? Were you the kid who loved the “misfit toys” extra hard because they were the ones who needed it? When everyone else is fighting over the shiniest bauble, are you off to the side, admiring the subtler beauty of more complex stones? Then you’re the kind of person I need. My name is Bella, I’m nearly 12, and I’m a sweet little lap dog who adores my humans. I’m 22 lb, but pretty overweight and would likely be closer to 15-17 at my “ideal” weight. I haven’t got a clue what my breed is supposed to be, but does it really matter? I’m one of a kind. Special and perfect.
I love going for walks more than anything else and I’m a lovely gentle walker, perfect for a senior like myself. I wouldn’t mind being an only pet, but I get along just fine with cats and other dogs and could live peacefully in a multi-pet household.
I do need a special diet and some medication for my kidneys. Because of my age, if someone over 65 adopted me, I would be eligible for the Seniors-4-Seniors program, which means the cost of my food, medication, and routine vet care would be covered by the shelter, as well as my adoption fee. I am doing well on my current food and medication. At my age, nothing is guaranteed and every day is a gift, but I’m happy and have a good quality of life and could keep on going for years!  I’m friendly and loving, even with strangers, and I love being petted and held. But I’m not a big fan of being grabbed at. Because of that, I’d prefer a home where I don’t have to live with very young children or anyone not capable of understanding how to respect a dog’s body and space.