adoptable dog

Bear – Ready for Adoption!

Hey there! You wanna have a slumber party? We can cuddle up together on the couch and have so much fun together! Hey, what’s your secret spy name? It’s your middle name plus the last thing you ate. So, for example, my name is Bear… and I don’t have a middle name. Huh. Oh well- new game!  I’m only about five months old, so naturally, playing is one of my favorite things! I can’t wait to find out what kind of fun we can have together, inventing new games and exploring the world. I love making new friends (dog, cat, human… all good with me!) and finding things out.
Of course, I’m an energetic little boy (well, I say little – I’m already 30 lbs and I’ve still got some growing to do!) and will need plenty of exercise and good dog education. But I’m not all wild rough-and-tumble all the time. I’m a very snuggly boy and I feel happy and safe when I’m right up next to someone I trust. Or someone I just met. Just anyone, really.
So let’s pop some popcorn and put on a movie. You can braid my fluff and I’ll make prank calls (is your ruffrigerator running?). And maybe we can do it again the next night… and the next… til, before you know it, we’re really a family.