Bandit – Ready for Adoption!

My name is Bandit, but I’m a law-abiding dog. The only thing I’ll steal is your heart! I’m a total ham… and seriously cheesy. Just a big ol’ ham-and-cheese sandwich of love. I’m a great “young people” dog: about a year old, strong, 58 lb of happiness, friendliness, and energy. I’m housebroken. I’m adorable. I’m just PERFECT for someone!  I haven’t had any official dog or cat playdates since coming to the shelter, but I’m not reactive or upset when I see other dogs, so I’d love the chance to meet any potential dog siblings and see if we’re a good match.
I’m a marvelous dog, but can be a little overly enthusiastic at first! So don’t judge me too harshly by our first couple moments together. I’m just really excited to get to spend time out of my kennels and make new friends.
I’m Bandit and I can’t wait to be yours.