adoptable cat

Aubrey – Ready for Adoption!

My name is Aubrey and I don’t even WANT to be adopted.  I mean, why would I want a family? Someone to love me every day? Someone to play with and snuggle? … Who needs that?  I’m having a lot of fun at the shelter. I’m five months old and learning all kinds of games! I love doing zoomies and playing worm-on-a-string and getting involved in EVERYTHING the humans are doing. I’m a total treat goblin and will go absolutely bananas for squeeze-ups.

I’m the kind of girl who is outgoing with strangers, but has a special bond with my close friends. Like, I LOVE being held and am a very cuddly little lap cat. When I see my best pals, I come running and leap into their laps and purr and purr and purr and make biscuits and put my paws on their chest and give kisses.

When I meet a stranger, I’ll give them some of that- purrs, head butts… but I don’t really want them to pick me up yet. Not til I have the chance to get to know them. I think that’s reasonable (wouldn’t most people prefer not to be picked up by a stranger?), but lots of people don’t get that and take offense or decide I’m “not very friendly” without even giving me a proper chance.  Their loss, I guess. I mean, like I said… who needs a home?

I’m a very people-oriented cat. I get along perfectly well with other cats and I love dogs, but I do kind of ignore potential canine or feline playmates in favor of a human buddy. So, even though I’m a total goofball, I can get along fine with older animals and know not to pester them.

So… much as I love the friends I’ve made in the shelter, I have to admit… a home does sound really nice. To have someone to sleep next to at night? Maybe kids of my very own? To get to grow up with a best friend for life? I suppose I could get used to it.