Ansel – Ready for Adoption!

Hi there! Hey, has anyone told you lately that you are the number one most delightful human ever to exist in this world? Wow. You are so cool. You smell terrific and I love your shoes. May I have your autograph? Just make it out to Ansel- that’s me!
Hey… do you wanna be best friends? That would be, like, my dream come true. We could play with squeaky toys together or run around in the yard or just snuggle.  I came to the shelter as a stray, so I don’t know a lot of my background. I do know that I don’t have accidents in my kennel, which means I’d probably be housebroken in a home. In the shelter, I haven’t seemed to want any dog or cat friends, so my friends here think I’d do best as an only pet.
People, though? Like you? I LOVE! I get so excited when I see someone that sometimes, I forget my manners and can be jumpy or even mouthy. I’m only about a year old- still basically a puppy! So I’m still learning and I have no doubt that, with your guidance, I’ll be the BEST boy ever.  Will you come and see me? That would seriously make my day! No… it would make my LIFE!!