adoptable cat

Albany – Ready for Adoption!

My name is Albany and I’m amazing.  I’m the sweetest little thing ever. I would be happy as can be if I could just be held all the time. I’ll curl up and burrow in and just purr and purr.  I love to play, but I’m not a wild party-all-the-time kind of kitten. I’m usually content to quietly explore and take it all in. I love other cats (especially motherly types) and am cautious around dogs, but curious.  The thing that makes me a little bit different is, I’m teeny-tiny. At six months old, I’m smaller than kittens half my age. When I was younger, my caretakers weren’t sure if I was going to make it from day to day. They put a LOT of love and work into helping me eat and grow… and now I’m thriving! I eat, I play, I grow (slowly), I snuggle… I do all the kitten things.  The thing is, through all my struggles, I’ve had lots of tests and seen lots of vets, tried lots of medications and special diets, and none have ever been able to identify an underlying cause. That means that, while I’m doing very well now (and am not on any medication or special diet), my person should be prepared for the possibility that I may have something going on that could cause me to need some vet care down the road. Being this tiny is adorable, but it’s not just an aesthetic choice.  There’s also a very good possibility that, whatever it was, it’s resolved as I’ve grown. I could very well grow up to be a small-but-healthy cat and all my kitten troubles will just be distant memories.  The thing that I DO hope will go on for my whole life, though? Weeeeeeell, I might just be a LITTLE bit spoiled. Not rotten by any means, but I’ve been handled and fussed over my whole life and I just don’t see why that should ever end.  I’ve fought for my life and I want it to be a beautiful one. Do you think you can help me make that happen? I want to grow up just as loved as I am now- or maybe even more (although I’m not really sure how that could be possible).