Ahsoka – Ready for Adoption!

I keep hearing this story about this fella. His name was Rudolph. You’ve probably heard of him.  My name is Ahsoka. Not Rudolph. And I’m a girl dog, not a boy reindeer. But… I find the story inspiring. A misfit who finds his niche. I can relate.  In fact, I sorta think I might like to try joining Santa’s reindeer team. I’m an Anatolian shepherd mix, which means I am a BIG girl. How big is a reindeer? Like, 400 lb? Well, I’m 80-90 lb, so… I reckon I’d fit right in! Slap a pair of antlers on me and nobody will be able to tell the difference.  As for being a misfit, well… I came to the shelter as a stray, so now I’m looking for a family of my own. I tend to be hesitant when meeting new people, but warm up with some time and patience and become very affectionate. I’m a hugger! I’m an independent thinker, though, and do decide for myself which people are my favorites.  And, of course, I stand out from the crowd here at the shelter. You can’t be this big and fabulous without drawing some glances, right?  I haven’t had the chance to have a playdate with other dogs or cats here in the shelter, but I’d like to meet any potential canine siblings before making a commitment either way. Hopefully, we’ll have lots of fun playing reindeer games together.  I guess I probably won’t get a job leading Santa’s team. Much as I’d like to, if I’m being honest with myself, I’m probably not really qualified. You know what I AM qualified for, though? Being your best buddy in the whole wide world.