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Cool Hand Luke – Ready for Adoption!

How do you mark an entire year in the shelter? That’s the question on my mind.  I’m Cool Hand Luke and I crossed my one-year mark last month. Today, I’m on day 408. Should I throw a party? Invite my pals? I’ve got plenty of them! I’m outgoing and people-loving, and if I weren’t 80 pounds of pure muscle, I’d be a lap dog. Truth be told, that doesn’t always stop me. I’m a kisser and a cuddler – watch out, or I might just tackle you with smooches!

Most of my friends are humans. I’ve made a few dog buddies, but hey, I’ve got standards. I’m not ruling out having a dog sibling one day, but I’d probably do best as the solo star of the show. Oh, and no cats at my party, please!  But you know, parties are for celebrating good things, right? While I love my shelter pals and appreciate being safe here, it kind of stinks that I’ve spent so long without a family of my own. Instead of snuggling with my person, taking up the bed and drooling on memory foam pillows, I spend each night alone in a concrete kennel.

But hey, I’m a happy-go-lucky guy who doesn’t let anything get me down. Still, I have loads of love to give and I don’t want to wait much longer to find my person! I’m only six years old, which means I’ve spent a full 1/6th of my life here. Honestly, who wouldn’t want a giant, friendly mush like me? I’m a perfect car companion, know some commands, listen well and I’m undeniably cool-looking! I might not know my exact breed, but if you want to tell your friends I’m a one-of-a-kind purebred designer mastiff, I won’t argue.

Here’s a fantastic bonus: Winter Clean Mobile Detailing LLC has covered my adoption fee to help me find a home! So I guess the best way to “celebrate” a year in the shelter is… to get out of here! And 409 days from now, when I’ve officially spent more time in your home than in the shelter, we can REALLY have a party. 🥳🏡