Vlad – Ready for Adoption!

Do you wish you could have a pet lion/tiger/panther/clouded leopard, but you’re a responsible person who would never do such a thing? My name is Vlad and I’m the next best thing. I’m a Big Dude. Like, if you wanna tell your friends I’m part mountain lion, they might believe you. I mean, it would be a lie, but I’ll still back you up.   I’m not the kind of guy who’s going to try to make myself smaller, either. Yeah, I might take a little time to warm up to a new place (they used to think of me as a shy guy here lol.), but I figure it out before too long.  Make no mistake – I’m the king of whatever castle I happen to reside in and I follow Cat Law to the letter: Thou Shalt Always do the Opposite of What the Humans Ask. The best way to get my attention? Try to do something that’s not supposed to involve me. You’ll quickly find me weaving around your feet, purring, following you around.  Other ways to make friends with me? String toys. Treats of all sorts. Just being a cool human in general. I also get along decently well with cats and would really love to go home with one of my brothers (Vaughn or Vincenzo) if possible. I can be a little bossy with other cats, but my brothers and I have a pretty good dynamic.  So if you’d like to have a Big Cat living in your house, come and check me out!