adoptable senior dog

Deanna – Ready for Adoption!

Hello, I’m Deanna, affectionately known as a “granny dog.” While I lack the dexterity for crafting applique throw pillows, and my pockets aren’t filled with Werther’s originals and Reader’s Digest, I do bring a heart full of love to your home.  Weighing in at a pleasantly plump 30 pounds (though I could easily be 25 pounds if I set my mind to it!), I embrace my “granny dog” status. However, being a “granny dog” doesn’t mean I’m exclusively for grandmas – although I’d certainly enjoy the company of another vintage vixen like myself. I recently celebrated my tenth birthday, making me the perfect companion for leisurely games of canasta. I’m a dog for everyone, young and old. Who wouldn’t benefit from a delightful granny in their life? I’m a harmonious presence among dogs, cats, and humans alike. If you wish, I could be your honorary gran.

With good manners and a sweet disposition, I’m deeply devoted to my family. While I may seem reserved around new faces, it’s not a matter of dislike; it’s simply a matter of getting to know you. Once we’re acquainted, I’ll shower you with warmth and affection. My ideal weekend includes leisurely afternoons in the garden and a dose of “Murder, She Wrote,” not extravagant parties and galas.

Regardless of your age, if you have room in your heart and home for a loving senior companion – be it a nana, memaw, nonnie, or just a sweet senior sweetheart – I invite you to meet me.