Check Your Chip!

It’s the season for vacations, summertime gatherings, and fireworks; all of these factors can disorient even the most well-adjusted and well-trained pets, putting them at a higher risk of getting lost. Every pet adopted from us receives a microchip, which can quickly and safely help them find their way back home if they happen to wander off. However, the effectiveness of the chip relies on the accuracy of the information it holds! If you have moved, changed your phone number, or if the pet is now residing with someone other than the original adopter, the microchip can lead to a dead end.

To encourage you to keep your pet’s information up to date, we have some special incentives for you! Starting now until July 4, anyone with an animal microchipped through Open Door will have a chance to win a $25 Target gift card by taking the following steps:

  1. Call us to confirm that your contact information is current and accurate.
  2. Call us to change or update your contact information if necessary.
  3. Get your pets microchipped for just $15 (we can usually do it on the same day).

By completing any of these actions, you will be entered into the drawing for the gift card. It requires no cost and could potentially save your pet’s life!

Feel free to reach us at (636) 671-3643. We are available every day from 10 AM to 4 PM.