Beautiful Ginger – Ready for Adoption!

I’m Ginger and I’m a strong, independent lady!  Every day, my friends here take me for my morning stroll – I’m housebroken, after all, so I have to start the day with a walk to… powder my nose.  I tell them every day- don’t trouble yourself! I can take myself for a walk on my own! I just grab the leash in my mouth and… well, they always insist on holding onto it and coming along, but I know I’m the one calling the shots.  I’m a queen, you know? No- amend that. Among animals, I’m THE queen. Not “one of a whole bunch of queens, all of whom are equal.” I’d like to be the one and only pet in your home, please and thank you EVER so much.  And why not? I’m all the dog anyone would need! I’m smart and sassy and loving. I know several tricks (sit, lie down, shake, high five, speak). I’m more of a “best friend who contributes equally to the relationship” type than a “subservient baby whose only two brain cells are dedicated to slavish devotion” type. I’m about seven years old now and I’ve made a name for myself here in the shelter. I’m a volunteer favorite- they love going for walks with me and hanging out with me. At 81 lb, I’m solidly in the “big dog” category, but… well, you can see from my picture, I’ve got a few pounds to spare.  I’ve been here in the shelter for a while now, patiently waiting my turn, but I’m tired of waiting! I need you to come and get me. Be my other half. Be my best friend. And I’ll be yours.