adoptable cat

Luigi – Ready for Adoption!

Hello, my darling. My name is Luigi and I’m looking for love.  I’m not one for big public displays- Jumbotron smooches? Skywriting? Getting up in front of the whole school and putting me on the spot with a cheesy serenade? I think I would literally sink into the ground.  I’m a very loving fellow, but privately- when things are quiet and it’s just the two of us and the rest of the world can just… fade away. That’s my favorite. I purr and arch up to meet your hand and give cheek rubs and everything. It’s beautiful and sweet and only for us.  In the spotlight, I tend to freeze up. It’s not the same as being at home with my loved ones. A whole bunch of eyes looking at me, waiting to see how I’ll perform? Yikes! I go right behind my cat tree and hunker down til it’s quieter. That means that when it comes to the whole “finding someone to adopt me” thing, I’m kinda struggling. It’s not that I’m hard to love or anything- I get along with other cats and don’t seem to have much reaction to dogs. I’m about five years old, which is the perfect “mellowing out” age. And I’m a total sweetheart. It’s just that I’m a little on the bashful side and living in a shelter environment doesn’t make things any easier, so I don’t exactly show well.  But just imagine all the quiet evenings filled with warmth and love- my family and me. Who needs the rest of the world?