Adoptable Dogs

Hannah & Peanut – Adoption Ready

Okay, yes- finding a home for two dogs is harder than just one. But maybe it would help if you didn’t think of Hannah and Peanut as two dogs. I mean, they’re what- twenty pounds combined? Don’t think of them as Hannah and also Peanut. It’s just HannahandPeanut. Or maybe you could think of them as one small dog and one furry animate potato who loves belly rubs. Peanut is undeniably dog-shaped, but little Hannah? At least half of a spud. If you can only handle one dog’s worth of activity, you’re in luck! These two are both 12 years young. Peanut still loves his tug toy and Hannah likes to chase the deer, but their top favorite activity these days is napping.  So sure, size-wise, Peanut and Hannah barely make up One Complete Beagle, but they’ve still got all the advantages of a pair! They keep each other company and each has their own distinct personality. Peanut likes being held, while Hannah (at least right now) just tolerates it. Hannah rarely barks, while Peanut will let you know when someone’s at the door. Peanut has dry eyes and doesn’t see very well, but he always knows where to find Hannah. Both Peanut and Hannah get along with other dogs and cats and are sweet and friendly, even with strangers.  Maybe you’re not sure how you’ll afford two senior dogs. Well, if you’re over 65, good news! Peanut and Hannah are eligible for our Seniors-4-Seniors program, so their adoption fees would be just $1 each and routine vet care (such as Peanut’s eye ointment) would be covered by the shelter.  So if you’re looking for the perfect pair, check out Hannah and Peanut! They are both 12 years old, spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and fully vetted.