Baby – Ready for Adoption!

Betcha they’re young, betcha they’re smart,
Bet they collect things like ashtrays and art,
Betcha they’re good, why shouldn’t they be?
Their one mistake was givin’ up me…
So maybe now it’s time, and maybe when I wake,
They’ll be here callin’ me “Baby”
That’s the dream, isn’t it? When my people tied me to a fence and left me, I didn’t know I might not ever see them again. I didn’t even have half a locket to remember them by. All I want is to be a part of a family. To not just be named “Baby” but to BE someone’s Baby.
I’m such a sweet girl. A little bit unsure at first when I meet people, but I’m cuddly as can be once I get to know them! I wag my whole body and roll over for belly rubs and love going for walks. I’m a gentle soul and love other dogs. I would make a wonderful best friend.
I’m only about a year old and still need some training. That’s part of being in a family, right? You love each other enough to take the time to teach each other and learn from each other. I just want to make you happy.
So maybe now this prayer’s the last one of its kind
Won’t you please come get your Baby…